Investigating the how and why of good cooking.

Overall Summary

Easy Southern Cooking believes that internet privacy should start with the Fourth Amendment to the constitution of the United States of America. We do not have a warrant for your data. So we don’t collect it.

What’s the rub?

Easy Southern Cooking does not collect any data that you do not explicitly give us. We do have a mailing list. In order for us to collect any data for our mailing list you need to explicitly opt in AND confirm your address through an automated link. However, there is no unpublished secrets in our mailing list. it’s just a subtle hint to return to our site for more recopies.

Easy Southern Cooking DOES use THIRD PARTY PLUGINS from Google, Youtube, Samsung Food (formerly Whisk), Instagram, WordPress, Gravitar and others in order reach a wider audience. Easy Southern Cooking can not control the actions of another content or service provider. Please contact Google if you want to know how Google is using your data.

New Phone Who Dis?

Easy Southern Cooking does not collect or maintain site usage data on our servers. Every time you visit our site, it is a unique impression and the website will serve you the same page as anyone else. We do not attempt to force feed you the information we think you want. Instead, we feel that giving you the information you asked for is more valuable to you.

But you said no data collection, Why is there a cookie?

The website does run on WordPress and is compatible with Gravitar (WordPress’s single sign on utility). These services do use cookies in an attempt to optimize your browsing experience (setting dark theme, language preferences, etc). These cookies are stored on your machine by your browser. Simply deleting the cookies or telling your browser to delete the cookies automatically is enough to erase all memory of you. Rest assured, deleting your cookies locally and clearing your browser cache will not change the wonderful content on our site. You come back now, ya hear?