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Easy Southern Favorite Soups and Stews

On the coast of the Carolinas and Georgia, the favorite soup would be Oyster Stew or She-Crab Soup. Further inland the hands down winner is Brunswick Stew. All of these soups have enjoyed popularity in the south

The All-time Best Oyster Stew Recipe

This recipe calls for heavy cream, but you can use all milk, half and half or all cream, its up to you. The richer the better, if you don’t tell your doctor!

Brunswick Stew- Liquid BBQ!

The original recipes for Brunswick Stew would have included squirrel, rabbit, and maybe possum (and would feed 250), but I don’t hunt, so….

Brunswick stew made with chicken.
Brunswick stew made with chicken. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chicken Brunswick Stew

A simple Brunswick Stew recipe with fewer ingredients.

Watercress and Corn Soup

This is a delicious and different soup, sure to wow your guests.

Cream of Tomato Soup

This is definitely gourmet soup. You can substitute canned tomatoes for the fresh, but I like the flavor of the fresh.

She-Crab Soup

Two different She-Crab Soup recipes. If Purchasing your crabs whole, look for the first small set of feelers to be feathery (indicating a she-crab, he-crabs have a larger and hard shell on these feelers). The eggs add an extra richness and flavor to this soup

Mock Terrapin Soup

An old southern favorite that uses beef instead of terrapin. Rich with cream and butter, this soup is not the lite version.

Easy Chicken Gumbo

A simple soup of chicken and okra. Serve with rice.

Chilled Soups


Use your food processor to make quick work of this fresh summer soup. Keep this in the fridge during the summer for a refreshing iced soup.

Easy Chilled Zucchini Soup

A nice cold summertime soup when the garden overflows with zucchini.

Strawberry Soup

A sweet soup for dessert.

Iced Spinach Soup

This Iced Spinach Soup is a good way to add more vegetables to your families diet on a hot day. Cool, refreshing and nutritious. What more could you want?

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