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Creamed New Potatoes Recipe

This recipe can be used with any type of potato, but my family prefers small red potatoes or Yukon potatoes. I also use this recipe to make a delicious potato soup by adding enough chicken stock to make a thick soup.  You want some mashing to occur, but most of the potatoes should remain in whole chunks.

Creamed New Potatoes

New Potatoes
New Potatoes (Photo credit: NatalieMaynor)

1 1/2 pounds new potatoes
4 Tablespoons butter or margarine
1 cup whole milk, more or less as desired
salt and white pepper to taste

1. Scrub and dice potatoes. You want the chunks to be large bite size. Cover potatoes with lightly salted water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes or until done.
2. When potatoes are done, drain well. Add 4 tablespoons butter and put back onto low heat. Add just enough milk so that it covers the bottom of the pan and comes up halfway through the potatoes.
3. Simmer and stir until the butter is melted and all is mixed. The potatoes will mash slightly, thickening the milk and butter. You can add more milk, if desired, to get the amount of creaminess desired.
4. Remove from heat and season with salt and white pepper to taste.


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