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Slow Cooker Green Beans with Onions and Bacon

By: Amanda Jade

This recipe was actually a complete accident at my home one Thanksgiving.  I had placed green beans in the slow cooker and my mom added a bit of thin sliced onions and bacon.  We promptly forgot about them in the chaos that was Thanksgiving meal prep for a half dozen people.  We remembered them after the meal was complete and we had already eaten.  The green beans were melt in your mouth soft, the onions and bacon had nearly dissolved and they were tiny bites of heaven on a plate.

Slow Cooker Green Beans with Onions and Bacon


English: Cut Green Beans Español: Habichuelas ...
English: Cut Green Beans Español: Habichuelas o ejotes, preparados y listos para servir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sea Salt and Pepper

2 lbs Green Beans, fresh and washed

Bacon, sliced

Vidalia Onion, thinly sliced

Olive Oil or Butter

Garlic, minced


1.  Line the bottom of a slow cooker with bacon, a single layer.  If you prefer crispier bacon, fry it first but add the oil to the slow cooker too.

2.  Add the onions, garlic and green beans, tossing together on top of the bacon.

3.  Add a pat or two of butter or a drizzle of olive oil, tossing the vegetables again.

4.  Season liberally with sea salt and pepper.

5.  Turn on low and forget about them for about 6 hours.


I have made these for every Thanksgiving celebration I’ve been invited to in the last 10 years.  I NEVER have leftovers, even when preparing up to five pounds of them.  I’ve made a few slight adjustments over the years, depending on who I make them for.  My husband likes to pick on me about the floppy bacon, so I began frying it before adding it to the slow cooker.  I still prefer it soft and melty though.  The garlic is optional, but it adds a whole new dimension of flavor.  Enjoy!

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